For More In-Depth Moped and Scooter FAQs Click here

For More In-Depth Bicycle FAQs Click Here

Q.Do you require a deposit?

A. Yes we require a deposit on every rental. We do a $200 credit card deposit for each moped, scoot coupe and motor scooter and a $100 credit card deposit per bike rental. We do not accept cash deposits.

Q. How old do you have to be to rent a moped?

A. You must be 18 with a valid drivers license to rent a moped.

Q. Can you ride double on a moped?

A. You can not ride two people on a two wheeled moped. You can ride two people on a Scoot Coupe. It's Hawaii's only 2 person moped.

Q. How old do you have to be to rent a two passenger scooter?

A. You must be 21 years old with a valid motorcycle license to rent a two passenger scooter. If you don’t have motorcycle license and at least 18 years old you can rent our single passenger mopeds or our two person Scoot Coupes. We also offer bicycle rentals.

Q. Can I put my credit card down for someone else?

A. You can put your credit card for someone else if they have the same last name.

Q. Do you offer any coverage on your rentals?

A. Collision and theft coverages are available for all of our rentals in the shop. We strongly encourage our coverages, because theft is a huge issue in Honolulu. From our experience most car insurances and credit card policies do not cover your rental. Please review your policies to understand what you could be responsible for.

Q. What type of license do I need?

A. The bicycle requires no license, the mopeds and Scoot Coupes require a drivers license and the motor scoooters require a valid motorycle endorsement.

Q. What if I only have a license from another country?

A. We honor foreign licenses.

Q. Does my car insurance cover my rental?

A. It typically does not, but check with your insurance carrier. If you have motorcycle insurance it might cover your moped or scooter rental. Be aware that most insurance carriers have deductibles and we will charge you directly for any claims at the time of the incident.

Q. How do I change my reservation?

A. The easiest way is to respond to your email reservation. It's hard for us to do it over the phone, because we get so busy with the rentals.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?

A. Hawaii is busy year round, so to guarantee your rental we always recommend a reservation. Please click here to make your reservations.

Q. What’s your cancellation policy?

A. 48 hour notice is required to not get charged for the first days rental.

Q. How does the Go Oahu Card work?

A. You receive a free 24 comfort bicycle or 4 hour standard moped rental. To reserve your rental with the Go Oahu card please click here. Reservations for the Go Oahu Card must be made online only. Your credit card is not charged at the time of reservation. You can use your Go Oahu  card as payment when you arrive at the shop. If you have not purchased the Go Oahu Card or Power Pass we will not honor your reservation and will simply charge you our online rate. Thanks for understanding.

Q. Do you offer refunds on early returns?

A. Not a probelm. We will just charge you for the appropriate time you rented the vehicle.

Q. Do you sell mopeds?

A. Yes. We are Oahu's exclusive dealer for Genuine Scooter Company's brand of mopeds. They come with the Hawaii's best warranty and are the highest quality moped on the market. Please visit our sales website for more details and to schedule a free test ride.