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COVID-19 and the steps we’re taking

Product safety and the well-being of our customers and staff has always been our top priority, and that’s true now more than ever.

Current Status

  • All rentals, services and sales are continuing. Please check out our Discounts and Promotions below.
  • We’re taking all reservations for rentals and services.
  • All bookings are backed by our ‘no worries’ early return and cancellation policy, more here.

Discounts and Promotions

The precautions we’re taking

Despite Hawaii’s low infection rates, we know it’s on all of our customers’ minds and we would like to put you at ease knowing that we are taking every precaution to combat this virus. Below are some of the preventive measures that we are actively taking to reduce any spread of contaminants:

  • On our bikes we are committed to sanitizing all areas that our customers might touch with alcohol-based, industrial-grade cleaning solution, before and after every rental or test ride. This includes handlebars, mirrors, seats, helmets, and locks on all of our rentals. 
  • Our staff and customer facing areas around our shop are also actively being cleaned. This includes disinfecting hard surfaces and entryways with the same alcohol-based, industrial-grade cleaning solutions.
  • We are vigilantly requiring that our staff maintains a rigorous hand-washing routine and sending all employees home who exhibit any signs of illness whatsoever.
  • Our staff will continue to wear latex gloves to stop the spread of any potential germs or possible illness.  

We share this information to let you know that we do not take COVID-19 lightly. We’re doing everything we can so you can experience why Hawaiʻi is better on two wheels. We appreciate you trusting in us and we are confident that taking a Hawaiian Style ride will still be one of the best experiences you have on your trip.

For additional suggestions on how to keep yourself healthy on your trip to Hawai’i, please visit the CDC’s page on how to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Nathan Bingham
Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales

Popular Travelling Nurse Bianca Soffer Rents a Hawaiian Style Moped for her O’ahu Assignment

We have been so fortunate to connect with popular travelling nurse Bianca Soffer while she is on assignment on O’ahu. She has been using the Standard Basket model as her main mode of transportation and also bringing her friends down to rent on the weekends when she needs some more company to explore the island.

She has been very cool and even gives us some shout outs and aloha on her popular Instagram and YouTube channel.

Here are some some photos from her most recent excursions exploring Diamond and Waimanalo.

Dana White takes some Hawaiian Style Rentals out on the North Shore!

Dana White  cruised on our Suzuki Burgman 400 cc scooter, while Matt Serra and Din Thomas rode in our scoot coupe and Rachel Ostovich rode on our Standard Buddy Moped Rental while filming their most recent episode of Lookin’ for a Fight Hawaii. Here’s video of them riding along the North Shore to check out Matsumoto’s Shave Ice.

To reserve your Hawaiian Style Rentals now please click here.

To see the whole episode please visit their UFC Youtube channel.

Please note, our scoot coupes (2-person mopeds) can be ridden in and around Honolulu only. Check out our maps for itinerary suggestions. Mahalo!

Kamaʻaina Rates

The people of Hawaiʻi are what make visiting here so special and we are proud to offer our largest discounts to our kamaʻaina. Hawaiʻi is a small community and we want you to know that we appreciate everything you do to make Hawaiʻi such a special place. We appreciate your patronage, referrals and support of our customers.

Please click here to see your exclusive kamaʻaina discounts.

Please note: a Hawaiʻi drivers license is required to receive our kamaʻaina rates. Even if you made a reservation, we will charge you regular rates without proof of local residency. We appreciate you understading.


2018 Two-Stroke Genuine Mopeds are Approved!

Genuine is committed to keeping America’s favorite 50cc two-stroke mopeds on the road in Hawaii. We are excited to announce that Genuine Scooter Company has already received approval for their 2018 two-stroke models. This is one of the many reasons why we exclusively rent and sell Genuine mopeds. Please visit to pre-order your new 2018 ride today.

We will also be offering the Titanium Buddy, Limited Edition Lavender  Buddy and the Roughhouse Sport for sale. All our new models will be backed by Hawaii’s best two-year unlimited mileage warranty and free roadside service. Our used Genuine mopeds come with a one year unlimited mileage warranty.

Genuine Scooters are the Best!


It’s official. Today, we finally sold our last SYM moped. We’ve been phasing out SYM slowly, while incorporating the Genuine line of mopeds into our fleet. In May, we sold our last DD50 moped and today we sold our last Jet Evo moped. Since we rented the SYM mopeds and Genuine mopeds together during this transition, we were able to compare them every day. We’ve found that Genuine is just as bulletproof as the SYM. They require the same maintenance, because they are both two-strokes, but the Genuine moped maintains its good looks much longer. The Genuine Buddy and Roughhouse are made out of higher quality parts, which makes our used mopeds continue to look new when we put them up for sale. Almost all of our sales customers can’t tell that our used mopeds are not new at first glance. We never had the same experience with the SYM line. Unfortunately, a used SYM looked like a used moped.

Genuine’s support is second to none. Their team in Chicago has bent over backwards to keep our bikes looking and running great. All issues have been maturely addressed for both our rental fleet and our new sales customers. If the bikes weren’t already good enough, the commitment to their dealers and products has really put Genuine above the competition. We agree with Genuine when they claim to be, “America’s Favorite Scooter Company.”

Say Aloha to SYM

SYM DD50 at Kapiolani Park

Say Aloha to SYM two stroke mopeds. SYM announced they were discontinuing production of the SYM DD50 and Jet Evo after 2015.

When starting Hawaiian Style Rentals out of the back of the pickup truck in 2005, we bought the cheapest, coolest-looking mopeds.  We learned quickly that “you get what you pay for,” and were plagued with unhappy customers and countless, unavoidable service calls. SYM was already an option in the marketplace, but we wanted something different that looked fun to ride. The SYM DD50’s simple clean lines didn’t appeal to us at the time, so it took two years of being in business and many headaches to make the switch. Once we did, we never turned back. For eight years, we proudly exclusively rented, serviced, and sold the SYM brand on Lemon Road. They were high quality, and we never experienced the same issues that are inevitable with a Chinese off-brand moped. We added the Jet Evo, Rv200, and HD200 into our fleet, and experienced similar quality and craftsmanship. SYM had a large portion of moped marketshare in Hawaii, so we were floored when SYM in Taiwan announced that they would be discontinuing the DD50 and Jet Evo at the end of 2015. SYM wasn’t selling enough of these models throughout US and the EPA raised their emission standards and testing for two-stroke motors, so they decided to discontinue these models and focus on their four-stroke motor production out of their Chinese factory. At Hawaiian Style, we aren’t ready to switch over to a four-stroke moped. They require more maintenance, and local people understand that a two-stroke moped is going to provide much more power than a four-stroke motor. Genuine Scooter Company in Chicago, Illinois is the last remaining company producing two-stroke mopeds produced in Taiwan. They have over 200 dealers nationwide and already have 2016 approval for all of their 49 cc two-stroke moped models.  Shortly after contact, Hawaiian Style Rentals & Sales signed an exclusive dealership agreement for Oahu and had their first container of Buddy mopeds delivered in August. The fun, European look brings a fresh look to the fleet, and Genuine’s commitment to quality and dealer success may be even better than what we are used to with SYM. Only time will tell. Expect to see these colorful mopeds riding around the island. Once rental tested and approved, we will sell them used with our one year unlimited mileage Hawaiian Style Warranty. Beginning next year, we will sell our new models with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty and roadside service. We hope that the Buddy 50 can become Hawaii’s new favorite moped!


  If you did not purchase our exclusive groupon promotion on December 29th, 2010 or September 15th-17th, 2011 then this does not apply to you. If you create a reservation for the Groupon without having purchased one on December 29th, 2010 or September 15th-17th, 2011 we will not honor it.  If you did purchase our exclusive one day promotion on Groupon then please click here! Mahalo!